Hey, Ozzie here I want to share something that will make meeting and talking to women 100% easier. This will separate you from all the other men out there when it comes to meeting beautiful high quality women.

Here is the best Part! There are no Bars or clubs involved. That means you’re not losing sleep or spending extra money to talk to women.

By the end I will show you what you need to do so you can meet women while you go about your everyday life!

I am talking about solid 9s and 10s or the girl next door type, you know the type. Sure any girl can look hot at night, but only certain type can look beautiful during the day, she doesn’t have to be all dolled up with all sorts of makeup. She has that natural sophisticated look.

When I started out with this, I never saw myself with any of these women. I would have never guessed I had a chance especially in the day time! I’m just an average guy who enjoys the simple things in life.

Did you know the nightclub industry is a 23 billion dollar industry. That’s right Night Clubs are designed to make money! Not to meet people. Think about it. The long lines to create the illusion that everyone wants to get in, the expensive table service or high priced drinks, let’s not forget the cover charge.

Are any of those thing going to help you find or create a solid long lasting connection?

Ever run into “Buy me a drink girl” I am sure we all have, keep reading I got a tip for that!

1st reason: I love going out t night, don’t get me wrong. I enjoy a good beer with good company. Usually the company is some good friends that I have. To be honest I don’t to the whole community PICK UP thing. Some days I wish I didn’t, picture  getting all dressed up with funny clothes, waiting in long lines, only to get in and find out that the girl to guy ratio is horrible. Then to make the best out of the situation, You would run around trying to talk to everyone, like a machine gun blasting at everything in sight.

2nd reason:  Too many variables… Ok the geeky side of me is coming out. But here me out. At night there are more women in a venue than in the day. This is true! Ever run into the girl who is completely wasted? The one who is being held up by her friends. Obviously you’re not going to talk to her or her friends. It’s just  another example of nightclub quality.

What about  “BUY ME A DRINK” girl? Yeah we know who I am talking about!

That girl who wants to be the center off attention, the one who is dressed super sexy, flirting with everyone leaving guys drooling as she gets free drink after free drink. I am sure you want that type of girl as the mother of your children.

In case you have one come up to you here is a little trick I use:

When she asks you to buy her a drink “ Hey buy me a drink!” Respond with “Sure”! That’s RIGHT SURE!

Just lick your elbow and ILL BUY YOU 2!  Then watch her try hardest, smile and walk away.

3rd reason: There are no guarantees! Most likely at the end of the night you will either be heading to a local dinner or home ALONE with maybe a couple of numbers…And what are the odds that you are on her mind, what about first thing in the morning? More on that in a bit.  I am sure she had her fun, her drinks, and a good time with her friends. Let’s face it finding that girl who wants to be swept of her feet in a storybook - romantic fashion at a nightclub.. those chances are slim.

I know you asking “where?” Well you are probably already there! That’s right… Every day you go about your life you have a chance to meet the girl of your dreams during the DAY!

Day Game Pros:

  No Competition
  Solid first impressions
  Women are more friendly
  Calm environment
  Easier to continue a conversation
  No hating girlfriends

I used to be terrified about the thought of talking to women during the day. No matter where I was if I saw a gorgeous woman I wouldn’t know what to say or do. I would immediately freeze up and come up with excuses.

I thought:

  Why would she want to talk to a guy like me
  She is out of my league.
  She is busy, I don’t want to bother her.
  Everyone will listen and watch me talk to her.
  She probably has a boy friend.

I used to watch as beautiful women walked right past me! I would walk away kicking myself wishing I did something.

I used to be one of those community guys. I spent my free time reading and studying seduction. I would go out at night with other guys who wanted to get good with women. Every night I would here the same question.

“What is your opinion opener” “what are you going to neg her with” Everyone had their routines and tactics ready, but all I wanted to do was be MYSELF.



As for Ozzie, he’s very soft-spoken and chooses his words well…he’s a well-rounded guy who is just fun to kick it with. Now I can agree with J.T. calling him the “smoothest Latino PUA”. ~ Nate

Benefits/Description :

  Overview of ABCs Model
  Day Game vs Night game
  Visual example

  Plenty of infield video
  Multi approaches
  Direct , Indirect and situational Approaches
  Multi coaches with unique styles
  College Campus, Street Approaches
  Pick Up Break down by Asian Playboy

You’ll never pay more. There are no hidden fees or charges.

And you’ll never be billed monthly.

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And that’s just for starters, because…

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And I’d like to give these coaching CDs and seminar to you, for free. Here’s a brief description of each and how each will help you become more successful with women.

Do you have any particular sticking points?

Are there areas in pickup that you just can’t seem to get past?

I have met so many guys who would literally be picking up hoards of women if they could just get past a certain problem.

Sadly, no company has created any kind of product that really breaks down the little details of pickup, allowing guys to truly understand it and move forward.

That is until now.

With PUA Radio, the revolutionary approach to learning attraction, I have gone to painstaking lengths to create a pickup library designed specifically for YOU.

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Have problems with Approach Anxiety? Most guys do. PUA Radio Volume One will take care of that

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Are you confused about how to use and develop your own Attraction Material and Conversation Starters? We reveal the mysteries and simplify them down to the basics in PUA Radio Volume Ten!

These CDs were some of our most popular items as it covered the entire spectrum of challenges and obstacles a man might face and offered solutions from normal, average guys just like you and me. You get learn the lessons and learn from their mistakes without you having to repeat the same painful and embarrassing cycle!

Finally, I’ve included an advanced seminar bonus that I’ve NEVER sold or put on sale before!

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I don’t want to spoil the surprise of what’s inside this bonus product (HINT: The Acceleration Seminar was originally called, “How To Never Let a Girl Date Flake on You Ever Again!”), but it will definitely impact your results and confidence IMMEDIATELY and TONIGHT!

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I used to literally sell the entire PUA Radio Package for almost $100, but lets be honest, TIMES ARE TOUGH!

The last thing I want to see is guys giving up on self-improvement just because they are strapped for cash.
Like I have said many times, with PUA Radio and the Acceleration Seminar, you can choose from a plethora of topics, all designed to fit your personal needs. And you don’t even have to choose any more. By investing in yourself with the Modern Asian Man System, you’ll get all 10 volume PUA Radio series AND the bonus seminar… FOR FREE!!!!

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This is simply my attempt to share some of my best material and very best ideas with you. My attempt to bribe you into hearing me out. Think of me like a personal trainer who bribes you into exercising by promising you a bowl of ice cream after your workout.

There is only one catch, however…

  You can continue with doing something that probably doesn’t work and continue to get the same results as before.
  You can make the decision which few make and take control of your dating life for the better.